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Essentials Packages

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Essentials packages in a glimpse

You’re new to Zendesk, and you want to learn from someone who has helped hundreds of clients implement Zendesk? Would you rather get started today than tomorrow? Then our Essentials packages might be perfect for you!

  • Implementation and setup of your new Zendesk environment 
  • Fixed packages to get you started quickly
  • A one-time investment


Why choose Essentials?

  • You don’t have in-house Zendesk expertise, and you want our experts to guide you through our Zendesk best practices: from setting up the environment to training agents.
  • Your agents need to get trained on the ins and outs of Zendesk before they get started with the tool, and you would like experts to share their knowledge, tips, and tricks.
  • You want to get right to the point and get hands-on with your new customer service management tool.

Let’s get your team to properly adopt Zendesk, improving their effectiveness right away. We can help you kick-start your journey to a better customer experience!


It includes:

  • A dedicated CX Consultant
  • Premium Plus’ best practices
  • Our Antwerp help center theme (included in the Self-Service Package)
  • A branded email template (included in the Agent Workspace Package) 
  • Hands-on agent training


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